Campaign Management Made Simple

Kanpora is an online platform that facilitates organizational fundraising. Constituent relationship management systems can be burdensome and arcane. Kanpora is a service based platform programmed and managed by Altamente that makes integrating CiviCRM - the most robust open source, civic engagement, donor management system- easy. Forget about playing the "you got it, I got it" game or hunting down for the most up to date spreadsheet with campaign fundraising totals. Kanpora makes launching online fundraising campaigns easy. Contacts will be in one central location accessible to the authorized members of your team. Permissions to access data can be customized. Our online platform integrates seamlessly with your website, processing donations and providing you with the business intelligence you need to design the next move.

How many of my initial contacts contributed to the last call for action?

With Kanpora you can find the answer to your question online .Kanpora comes with several standard reports but custom reports can easily generated online. Detect trends in your contributors and make your communications more effective.

Build relationships with your contributors

Kanpora allows you to activate your contibutors and make them part of your team. Registered users can create fundraising pages and ask for donations from friends. Kanpora makes reaching out to the world easy.